Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop -15th July 2016

//Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop -15th July 2016

Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop -15th July 2016

BioPRIA has held the 2nd Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop in collaboration with Appita. This workshop provides an overview of the applications for cellulose nanofibres, the world-wide market and future outlook and more significantly, the current capabilities within Australia in the production of this emerging material and its applications.

On the day, there were approximately 30 attendees from industry and academia. Both morning and afternoon sessions were filled with interesting presentations, from both technical and business commercial point of views. At the end of the day, demonstrations on cellulose nanofibre production and sheet manufacture were given. This was followed by a product showcase which included nanofibre aerogels for oil-water separation, latex-nanofibre composites, tempo oxidised nanofibre gels and barrier layers.

Click here for full report on the workshop.

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